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Tutorial : How To Make A blog On blogger ?

How To Make A blog On blogger ?
.Are You New To Blogger ? If Yes , Then let me tell you that making a blog on blogger is very simple and easy . Lets learn " How to Make A blog On Blogger " ..

 How To Make A blog On blogger ?
Step 1
Go to . looks like as the pic in the right .
Note : The Pic in the right is the most latest picture of homepage

Step 2
Enter Your Email and Password in the given fields and then click sign in.
Note : You can sign in to with same email id and password that you use to Sign in to your Gmail Account

Step 3
Blogger account will open . It will look like this. Click on the "New Blog" Button on the left . For reference see the picture Below
 How To Make A blog On blogger ?
 How To Make A blog On blogger ?Step 4
After clicking the New blog Button , A window will open . For reference , See the Picture in the right .
  • In title Section , Put the desired Title for your blog . It can be changed anytime .
  • In address section , Put the Desired Url of your blog .  Url is the web address of your blog.
  • Below Address , There is Template Section.These are template for your blog . Provided by blogger .You can choose template of your choice . You can also use a Custom Template .
  • After doing all this , click Create blog button  in the Orange Background .

Final Step 
The last step is ,  You have Successfully made your blog . Now start Posting in your blog. 
For Reference Look at the picture below . 
 How To Make A blog On blogger ?

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